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Chris Simmonds giving keynote at ELCE 2013

Chris Simmonds teaches all the classes at 2net. Chris has been working with Linux as an embedded operating system since 1999 during which time he has worked on many interesting projects including a stereoscopic camera, weighing scales, set-top boxes, home routers and a large walking robot. He has been running training courses and workshops since 2002 and has delivered over 200 classes, clocking up more than 7000 hours of teaching.

Chris has given presentations and workshops at many conferences. He gave the keynote talk at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013 in Edinburgh. You can see Chris in action at various venues on the videos page.


To become an expert in an area you need to focus. Chris has been working with open source software for over 15 years. He has concentrated almost exclusively on GNU/Linux and more recently on Android/Linux systems and so has built up a detailed knowledge Linux and how it relates to typical embedded hardware.

A typical example is the Eykona Wound Imaging Camera which is based on an Freescale i.MX 51 device. 2net's involvement consisted of modifying U-Boot and the Linux kernel during board bring-up, writing kernel drivers for the stereoscopic cameras, writing the camera preview and capture programs and configuring the root file system. 2net has done similar work on PowerPC, MIPS and x86 based devices and is familiar with tuning Linux for real-time applications.

All of this is reflected in the practical hands-on nature of 2net's training courses

Organisations and Locations

Those 200 classes that Chris has taught have been at many well-known companies, such as ARM, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Pace, Samsung and Xerox at locations all over Europe, USA, Southern America and Malaysia.

Other training companies

As well as working directly through 2net, Chris works with other training organizations. He has created training materials and presented courses for Linux Foundation, Feabhas and Opersys

2net is here to help

The primary aim of 2net is to help engineers gain the knowledge they need to be effective in their jobs. Chris achieves this through

  • Professional instructor-led training courses
  • Follow-up email support to the training courses
  • Talking at conferences
  • The "Inner Penguin" blog

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