Chris Simmonds to speak at ABS 2014 and ELC 2014

I will be speaking at the Android Builder's Summit 2014 and Embedded Linux Conference 2014 this year. Both are held in San Jose between 29th April and 1st May.

Android Builder's Summit

Tuning Android for low RAM

The 4.4 KitKat release includes the results of “Project Svelte”: a set of tweaks to the operating system to make it run more easily on devices with around 512 MiB RAM. In this talk I will be going through the process of creating a "small" footprint Android device and analysing the final result.

The Android graphics path, in depth

I will be talking a look at the internal workings of the Android graphics stack from the Application layer down through the stack to pixels on the screen, with practical examples throughout.

Embedded Linux Conference

A timeline for embedded Linux

How did Linux come to be so popular on embedded devices? Here I take a look back at some of the key milestones of the last 20 years and highlight the people behind them.
Slides: Slides:

Hope to see some of you there!