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Slides from the Embedded Systems Confernece 2009: UBIFS, power management and porting

For those people who attended my lectures at the Embedded Systems Conference in the UK this week, and for anyone else who is interested, here are my slides.

Linux flash file systems: JFFS2 vs UBIFS
Power saving in Linux devices
Why Linux is not an RTOS:porting hints

Hope you find them interesting: if not tell me about it...

Reducing JFFS2 mount time

When it comes to choosing a file system for flash memory JFFS2 is top of the list for most projects. It is robust and works with most flash chips using NOR or NAND technologies. The problem is that JFFS2 partitions can be slow to mount and as flash memory sizes increase, so does the issue of the tine to mount.

There is a solution: "erase block summary" or EBS. It has been in Linux kernels since 2.6.15.

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